About “Stop D’Amato”

I bet we can find  1,000+ people by May 28 who want to STOP the D’Amato Machine in New York State! D’Amato has become a gatekeeper of political power.  Now the question is whether he’s helping Gillibrand by pushing hard for political lightweight Bruce Blakeman. Unelected officials should not wield the influence and quid-pro-quo cronyism that hurt voters.

Stop D’Amato Blog is produced by America Outraged PAC.  The mission of America Outraged PAC is to achieve higher accountability and responsibility in government.


3 Responses to About “Stop D’Amato”

  1. Gerry Mondello says:

    Bruce Blakeman doesn’t care that D’Amato is using him to keep Gillibrand. This race just keeps him more in the limelight.– even though, given his past, you’d think he would not want to show his face.

    This is just one problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op0RS4T3xAw

  2. Taylor Fonville says:

    this is the exact kind of thing that politicians like D’Amato due to stay in power, totally rig the game. The guy needs to just go play golf and leave the state of NY alone.

  3. Sam Hough says:

    Taylor: Couldn’t agree more! Looks like his game of choice is poker, though.

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