Kirsten Gillibrand’s Political Makeover (Articles)

“The Reintroduction of Kirsten Gillibrand” (New York Magazine, 6/7/09)

  • Her father was very close to D’Amato, Pataki, and Mario Cuomo.
  • Twice she was a summer intern in Senator D’Amato’s office in Albany.
  • She was awarded a clerkship with Court of Appeals judge Roger Minor.  She received the highly coveted position despite not finishing in the top 10 percent of her law class (UCLA, class of ’91).  “It was assumed that she received the position based on her father’s D’Amato connections.”

“Paterson to City: Drop Dead.” (Mother Jones, 1/23/09)

  • Gillibrand interned for D’Amato, and she served directly under Andrew Cuomo when he ran HUD.  Her father was close to both D’Amato and Mario Cuomo, Andrew’s father.

“Gillibrand and Paterson: The D’Amato Connection” (Village Voice, 1/27/09)

  • Her father Doug “was so close to D’Amato that, while still married to Gillibrand’s mother, he covertly double-dated with the then single senator, squiring a D’Amato press aide (Zenia Mucha) on a two-week Caribbean tryst to celebrate the senator’s re-election in 1992.”
  • At the 90-minute press conference where Governor Paterson announced Gillibrand would fill Hillary’s vacant Senate seat, Al D’Amato stood closer to her than Paterson or anyone else.  In fact, “Paterson’s staff kept the dignitaries in a holding room and walked them onto the stage in a prearranged order, positioning D’Amato at center stage.”
  • D’Amato, by the way, “may be Paterson’s largest single fundraiser.” In November 2008, “D’Amato hosted a $1,000-a-plate dinner for Paterson.”
  • Perhaps it is no coincidence, then, that “David and Chris Boies, Gillibrand’s former law partners and biggest backers of her political career, gave $75,000 to Paterson,” $50,000 of which was donated in the middle of Paterson’s two-month selection process.

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