Social Network Concept of the Gillibrand – D’Amato Influence Machine

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Network of Influence

* Convicted on two counts of mail and wire fraud.
** Partner in First Grafton Corp., source of evidence in Joe Bruno corruption trial.
*** Contributed $25,000 each, exactly one month prior to Paterson’s appointment of Gillibrand to U.S. Senate.
**** Instrumental in Gillibrand’s election to House, by reportedly leaking domestic violence report about opponent one week prior to election.

The diagram above is a social network-style representation of just a few of D’Amato’s political connections.  Nodes on the network are colored based on assumed political affiliations and sized based on the volume and distribution of the connections.   Arrows represent relationships and transactions. The diagram illustrates several network “transactions” — for example, the financial assistance Myron Shevell gave his daughter and then-son-in-law Bruce Blakeman enabled them to donate to George Pataki’s campaign chest.  Pataki, in turn, appointed Nancy Shevell Blakeman to the Metropolitan Transit Authority Board and husband Bruce to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The diagram will be updated with new information and augmented to reflect past relationships and transactions. Ultimately it will represent the former senator’s sphere of influence  over politics in New York state. Contributions have obviously spread from D’Amato to all manner of Democrats and Republicans in New York, and most likely elicited “repayment” or favors in some form or another.  D’Amato’s $250,000 funding boost to David Paterson, for example, enabled D’Amato to push the governor for Kirsten Gillibrand to take the reigns in the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.

Now it seems D’Amato is hell-bent on getting Bruce Blakeman to win the GOP primary to challenge Gillibrand, even attending his official Senate announcement. Has there been a change of heart for the man in the middle, or is it just another ploy to eliminate the strongest competition his darling Kirsten Gillibrand faces from the opposing party?

In either case, D’Amato’s influence runs deeper than many are willing to admit. Now is the time to shut down the machine.


6 Responses to Social Network Concept of the Gillibrand – D’Amato Influence Machine

  1. Steeze says:

    For many years former Senator Al D’Amato (Who is nothing more then a FULL TIME lobbyist) has played BOTH SIDES of the political isle to enhance his money machine from lobbying ties with Senator Gillibrand. Alfonse “Al” D’Amato, is a puppet master and all his minions / peasants, whatever you want to call them, are not helping but hurting the Empire State and its citizens. Shut this monster down!

  2. Jon says:

    I have been stating the same since 2009.

    You need to add Lazio. Joel Giambra who was the Erie County Executive has been affiliated with D’Amato for over 30 yrs, now works in his office at Park Strategies.

    Giambra steered contracts to Park Strategies.

    When, Lazio announced for gov., Giambra was there on stage.

  3. Gerry Mondello says:

    So that’s why Blakeman is planning on the endorsement from Erie County. All makes sense.

  4. Al D’Amato is poison for New York. He has corrupted the process of nomination— the same thing he did for Gillibrand— so that he can line the pockets of campaign donors at taxpayer’s expense! Lets not forget D’Amato’s ties with Rick Lazio too. DOWN WITH D’AMATO.

  5. Carla Cossack says:

    Wow, seeing the extent of D’Amato’s network in this way is very frightening, especially considering the fact that many of these “transactions” occurred under very shady conditions, for instance offering financial assistance to a family member just so they can then donate that money to a campaign. It really is no wonder Blakeman seems so confident in his ability to gain endorsements, what with D’Amato behind the scenes pulling his many strings to make things happen.

  6. Senator D’Amato is scheduled to testify next week June 15-16 2010

    Senator D’Amato is scheduled to testify next week, in NY State Supreme Court, June 15, 2010 as to his role as the lobbyist who forced state officials to include a MOB related construction firm onto a list of qualified contractors after they had already been disqualified by the quality control people within the New York State Dormitory Authority (DASNY). Also subpoenaed are Richard Nasti, D’Amato associate, Thomas Murphy, former Executive Director of DASNY and the owners of the company Joseph and Fred Scalamandre, both of whom pleaded guilty to crimes against government agencies and paying into the MOB on a regular basis. For more information go to

    For more information call Robert Del Col 631-271-4684

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