Fed up with cronyism, “pay for play,” and dirty tricks?

It’s time to stop the madness, and let competent, honest people represent New York throughout the state and in the U.S. Congress.


4 Responses to Fed up with cronyism, “pay for play,” and dirty tricks?

  1. Sam H. says:

    Ugh I can’t believe this guy. Not only has he shoved candidates down our throats before (I always thought Gillibrand was a set-up), but he’s doing it again with Bruce Blakeman, who is probably one of the laughably worst candidates I’ve seen in a long time. His fiscal policy has been proven to fail over and over again, he’s a stiff public speaker, but yet he’s up in the polls? Why? D’Amato is shoving this guy down our throats too, and Im sick of it!

  2. Carla Cossack says:

    Is it so wrong to hope for a candidate who can win an election with honesty and dedication instead of bribery and deceit? D’Amato is wreaking havoc on the democratic process by weaseling unworthy candidates up to the top of the polls.

  3. Carrie B. says:

    @Sam H.

    Don’t miss the point, Blakeman would be a fall guy so Gillibrand can easily win the election. D’Amato is setting it up so Gillibrand can win herself a full term. He’s been doing this for years and years, it’s no surprise. But still, this guy stinks and I’m glad this site exists to call him out on it..

  4. Tony says:

    I see D’Amato’s boy Blakeman did not get the Conservative nomination… that doesn’t mean that he can’t weasel his way back in with D’Amato pulling some strings, but I think that means people have finally caught on to his tricks. I hope it stays that way, its time for this guy to go.

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